Johnny Hays began his ministry in the summer of 1958 upon receiving the “Ministerial Call” in a Youth Revival Meeting conducted by Evangelist Eddie Wilson at the Dawson Assembly of God Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Reverend Vernon E. Wilson was pastor. Johnny had been awarded a full scholarship to the University of Tulsa “School of Music” upon graduation from high school in May, but because of this divine calling on his life, refused it and enrolled at Southwestern Bible Institute now known as Southwestern University in Waxahachie, Texas.

In 1963 Johnny graduated with a Bachelor of Theology as well as an Associate of Arts degree in Psychology from Southwestern. Upon graduation from Southwestern he traveled as an evangelist holding revivals in various states for one year.

Johnny joined the Olson Brothers Quartet of Seattle, Washington in 1964. It was with this group that he shared the stage with the greatest of gospel singers of all time. The Blackwood Brothers, Statesmen, Oak Ridge Boys, Happy Goodmans, Speer Family, J. D. Sumner and the Stamps, Andre Crouch, Pat Boone, Audrey Meier, Doris Akers, The Imperials and others. He even sang once in concert with the country greats Tex Williams and Hank Snow.

After several years with the Olson Brothers Johnny took the job as Associate Pastor at the First Assembly of God Church in Salem, Oregon, where he was youth director, music director, and educational director.

Following his tenure with the Olson Brothers, he formed the Pilgrims, a trio consisting of Burt Perrault, Billy Ray Burns, and himself.

After leaving the Pilgrims, he joined the famous Bob Wills and the Inspirationals Quartet of Arlington, Texas, where they had their own television show with the Wills Family Quartet. Both groups sang extensively throughout the Southwest.

Johnny then moved back to the Northwest where he sang with the fabulous Moore Family Singers for several years. Johnny says, This group was one of a kind and there will be none other that can equal its method of ministry and harvest of souls / lives for God. Though very capable, they were not entertainers, but were genuine Holy Ghost filled ministers, to the core! They specialized in the highest quality of vocal and instrumental music, and were adamant about assuring that a revival spirit was in attendance in their every service. He says of those times, The Moore family was the most memorable group I was ever involved with!

The group consisted of the Reverends John and Emma Pearl Moore, their son David, daughter Laura Moore (now wife of the Reverend/Pastor Jack Dennis), Suzie Crozier (now wife of the Reverend/Pastor Darcy Haisley) and Johnny. Reverend John Moore is one of the greatest preachers I have ever known. He makes the Word of God extremely understandable through his method of preaching in his inimitably simplistic and ever anointed manner. His wife, Reverend Emma Pearl Moore was and still remains the master of all emcees. She can have a crowd laughing one minute and crying the next, always ever consistently under the anointing and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Johnny says, “Of my time with them, those were, and still remain the best of my ministerial times!”

Johnny then moved to Southern California and joined the Crown Singers, which disbanded in the first year then reformed as the Concords with new personnel with Johnny included. It was with this group that he appeared many times on the Trinity Broadcasting Network with Paul and Jan Crouch. He has also appeared as a soloist on that great network.

After eight years with the Concords, he began his solo ministry as an evangelist. Fifteen years as an evangelist led him to become a Missionary Evangelist to the country of Russia where Johnny Hays Ministries (JHM) has been instrumental in establishing worship centers, drug and alcohol rehab centers and children’s shelters.

A building purchased and refurbished in Moscow is now a church, a worship center built from the ground up in Cherepovets, a refurbished building in Vologda, a newly constructed children’s shelter in Cherepovets, and a drug and alcohol rehab center/farm are all some of the fruits of this ministry.

JHM also helps to support two orphanages in Vologda, Russia. This year the ministry gave away 40 hand quilted baby blankets made by the ladies of the Clovis Foursquare Church of Clovis, California, where Reverend Dale and Pam Ellis are pastors. Thanks Pastor Dale, Pam and ladies! Also, $2,500.00 worth of hand knitted (by Susan Russom wife of Dr. Jim Russom of the Nazarene College in Colorado Springs, CO) baby clothes, was donated to the infants at the orphanages JHM helps to support.

His ministry schedule goes on and on. Someone recently asked Johnny, “When are you going to retire?” His answer: “What is this retirement you speak of? That answer came from God. One day Johnny was talking to God about retiring from the ministry. God’s reply was, “What is this retirement you speak of?”

As long as the doors open, Johnny will be out there delivering the Gospel to all people of all nations as God leads.

Johnny and his wife JoAnn live in a modest home in Southern California. JoAnn traveled with Johnny for 18 years and ran his sound but was forced off the road by an aging Mother that needs her attention, and secondarily (yeah right) a new baby granddaughter and grandson.

Johnny travels all over the United States in one night services where the offerings go to help support his Russian Missions efforts. Some of the offerings must go to help defray home, office, and travel expenses.

Recently Dr. R.E. Anderson, President of the School of Bible Theology University and Seminary of San Jacinto, California, awarded Johnny a Doctorate of Divinity Degree, for his 49 years of outstanding accomplishments in ministry. Soon he will receive a Doctorate of Ministry Degree as well.

Musically Johnny sings, plays the saxophone. He preaches the gospel as it should be preached: “Christ and Him Crucified!” His prayer is that all Christians will please remember JHM in their prayers.